Monday, July 13, 2009

Life with a 13 month old

So, life with Regan has changed so much in the just the last few months. Of course, the last few months have been quite busy with a trip to Illinois and Indiana (within 3 weeks of each other), her first birthday, a trip to Atlantic Beach, and now home. Home...finally and with few interruptions.

However, it is not dull in our house at all....

She is into EVERYTHING (and yes, I knew this would happen). She loves pictures, so she is into looking at all of our pictures, those in and out of frames/books. She also LOVES books....being a teacher, I'm very thrilled about this, but we've read the same 15 books for the last 2 gets a little boring. I would love to switch books with her but she ruins paperback books by either tearing the pages or chewing on them, so we stick with board books. Besides, she can turn those pages herself and that is so cute to watch. Oh, she also likes to chew on electrical cords...nice, huh. Needless to say, we have very few items plugged in at her level or where she can get into them.

She also has gotten quite attached to me, so much so, that I can't even go into the bathroom by myself (sigh). I also can't leave the house without her crying. I can only hope that this is continuing only because she is dealing with an ear infection and a nasty cough...I can't have this last for the next 3 weeks, as school will be starting soon. So, this phase really needs to move on.

Now, she isn't always this way but I see and deal with this "stuff" every day/all day. We do have our great moments though...
Yesterday, she and I played in her kiddie pool and sprinkler mat. Regan was having a ball. We were relaxing while Justin put together a patio set. During that time, Regan kept screaming "Hey...Hey Dad" while he was working. It was the cutest thing.
She also has a thing about pushing furniture and toys around. It was so cute to see her push a chair from the dining room table into the kitchen and idea why, but she did it. I guess she is just practicing her walking or showing us how strong she is.
She isn't walking yet, but she is cruising the furniture and takes the occasional step or two, but then gets tired and just plops on down.

By far the best end to my day is when she gives me a hug or a "kiss", rests her head on my chest, and starts to drift off to sleep. I know how few of those hug days I have left before she is too "grown" or its not "cool", so I cherish every moment (for better or worse).

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