Thursday, August 20, 2009

Back to School and to daycare

I started back to school on Tuesday (after a 2 week workshop - but this time we're in our own schools/rooms). So that meant Regan was going back to the sitter's. Regan was quite unsure about what was going on at first. She was hesitant to go to Jackie or to go and play. She hung at my feet for a while and then gradually walked around. I began to tell her tears....I walked out and she waved me goodbye....I got in my car and looked back at her as she stood at the door waving me on. I was the one in tears (well, almost). When I went to go and pick her up, she didn't want anything to do with me and didn't want to go home. I had to force her out the door - picked her up as she screamed. As soon as we walked down the steps, she was fine. She had a great day and played with old and new friends but DID NOT take a nap. She was too excited to do so. She slept on the way home, put her in her crib when we got home, slept some more...woke up and went to Justin and fell back asleep. It was 6:15 before she would wake up. She ate and played for a while and finally cried her self to sleep around 9:00 or so. Poor kid. The days have gotten better but naps are still few and far between and she still doesn't want to go home...she LOVES it at the sitter's, so I guess all is right in the world according to her. She also eats new and interesting foods there that she won't do for me....but I guess that is the way things go.
This year will certainly be full of new and exciting things for all of us and our families as Caitlin and Ryan both go off to college - our parents' have the "empty nest" now. Hard to believe that. Regan is walking more and more and has pretty much written off crawling (except for those lazy moments) and talks ALL DAY! :) I have a new 5th grade teacher to work with that is from Michigan and we get along great - hope she stays down here. This year will be a challenging one with more responsibilities and added tasks to complete but will be good - just really busy. Justin is still the assistant manager and things are looking quite promising too.
We hope all of you are doing well and we love and miss you!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ear infection, Bronchitis, new teeth...

So, within the last 2 weeks Regan has acquired another ear infection, bronchitis, and has had 4 OR 5 new teeth start to come in. Can you say "OUCH!". So, we have been to the doctor and Regan is on a steroid, antibiotic, and we had to get a nebulizer for her to have breathing treatments (as needed). I feel so sorry for her!!! She has been gradually getting better and last night she actually slept ALL NIGHT LONG until about 6:45 a.m. I was so proud of her. She hasn't done that in a very long time. So, I guess you can say the meds are working very well.

More to come later....